Thursday, March 08, 2007

Coolness at the Grand Canyon!

Guess what that is! That big structure that is being built, I mean - not the Grand Canyon behind it, silly!

Well, starting in May of this year - you can pay $25 per person to find out! I want to go so badly!!

And I know, for a fact - that it is going to make me quite ill. And I don't care. It will be so completely and utterly worth it. I will just spend the rest of the next day or two laid up in my hotel room!

Got any ideas yet? That is the Grand Canyon Skywalk!!!!! Totally, amazingly cool!

It is a glass bridge jutting out from the side of the Grand Canyon at about 4,000 feet. Oh yeah - and the floor of it is glass, too. Hee heee - Does that sound fun or what?

See - I have terrible motion sickness, vertigo, whatever the hell it is. I got ill this morning from sitting in my rocking chair too early in the morning. Seriously.

And I can't go to those awesome IMax movies with the kids - I have to wait out in the lobby. Total bummer. One time, I went into the theater before the film started, just so that I could see the amazing screen that I had heard so much about - and I got ill just being in there. Ugh. What. evah.

But - for this - bring on the dizzies, and the nausea, too!!! I don't care!

The building of the thing - and really just the prospect of the building of the thing, has caused quite a controversy for the Indian tribe that lives there. The builders have taken every step possible to not tarnish the integrity of the landscape, but, some people are still upset by what they see as desecration of their land. And I can totally see where they are coming from. And I am usually on that side of the fence.

But I believe this was built in such a way as to honor the land and the people. And I also believe that this will bring new hope to this Indian tribe in the form of tourist dollars and employment.

They have a 50% unemployment rate in this Indian tribe! That is unbelievable! I don't think I've ever heard of an unemployment rate so high.

Their tribe is definitely at risk, and this could be just the thing to help them out.

I really hope it does - and I really hope it doesn't cause too much spiritual discomfort, as I know so much of the Indian's spiritual life is in the land. One reason I love their teachings so much.

And one of the main reasons I loved my children being in the Indian Guides and Indian Princesses with their father! And now that program has been forced to morph into something else - the Adventure Guides and Princesses - that hurts my heart so much, I can't even take it! But, that, my friends, is a whole 'nother rant!


Suni said...

that's hot!

Lisa said...

Ain't it, though? :D