Friday, February 23, 2007

Web entrepeneur/Hippie - that's me!

And how happy do you think I was when I found one company that addressed both of those parts of me??

I can tell you, I was so excited! I was introduced to Website Magazine just the other day. I read their online version of their February issue and just loved it, so I ordered a subscription - which just so happens to be free if you live in the States!

While I was reading and thoroughly enjoying their magazine, I noticed a program that, for one, caught my 'Hippie eye', but, also - surprised me to see in a magazine about web marketing.

The program is called - and guess what? The foundation is actually run by Website Magazine!

The Replace A Tree Foundation, in association with Sustainable Harvest, will plant one new tree for every subscriber to their magazine! Totally awesome!! The program was just begun this year, and they will begin by planting 120,000 trees retroactively.

And you can even find your tree! How cool is that? I'm gonna check into that and if there is a picture, I will definitely come back here and post a picture of my tree!


Retta said...

this is very cool :) thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

You're quite welcome!! I was just so excited about it!