Friday, February 23, 2007

Blogging for PayPerPost

I know I've said this before, but, I just love being involved with PayPerPost. Not only am I making money, obviously, doing paid posts for them, but, I am getting so much more out of the deal, as well!

I have made a ton of new friends, all of whom are incredibly helpful with all of my online endeavors. I am learning all about blog marketing, monetizing my blogs, page rank, SEO, even some coding stuff! It really rocks - and it's all because of PayPerPost!

I mean, yes - I've been online learning stuff for quite some time now, and yes - there are other paid blogging companies, but, since joining PayPerPost - it's like my learning just got a giant BOOST! And it is so cool!

I got my first payment from PayPerPost on January 5th - and I saved that email notification! LOL! In all, with PayPerPost, I've made $721.53. Totally awesome!

The very best part about all of it is that it is allowing me to remain a stay at home mom. We are really in need of a second income right now and my online endeavors are giving us that. That is one thing that is so very important to me, to be able to be home for my children when they need me.

So I am very grateful to PayPerPost for that!

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