Friday, February 23, 2007

Video conferencing

Is video conferencing right for your business? I know a lot of the time, one or more people is not in town for a necessary meeting - and this is definitely a good solution to that.

And a lot of people commute, or even telecommute, and this is a good way to bring everyone together for those all important meetings.

Businesses can benefit in a number of ways by incorporating video conferencing into their operations.

For those out-of-town workers who no longer have to hop on a plane, they can save on travel expenses.

If one of their staff is a commuter from another town, and doesn't have to come in town for the meeting, they are essentially raising their productivity, by freeing that person up to do their work, instead of spending a whole lot of time travelling.

Also with video conferencing, businesses can hold desktop training and education programs. I know that I've learned a lot about internet marketing from screen cam videos, and to be able to hold a training like that live, would be extremely helpful.

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