Monday, February 19, 2007

Two in one night? Oh my!

You know that recurring dream I have? That I'm back in Dallas - preparing to move out here to Alabama?

Well, good gawd - if I didn't have it TWICE last night!!! Two different variations - but, still the same thing - preparing to leave, feeling so sad, ugh, ugh, ugh....

It's like I need grief counseling or something!! Crazy - totally crazy!

There is only one other recurring dream that I've ever had, and if it stands as a measure, oh me, oh my! I am going to be stuck with the 'moving to Alabama' dream for a loooooong time!

My other one is that I am back working at the private tennis club where I used to work. I haven't worked there since, about...uh...I think - 1991 - yeah, that's it. 1991 - and I am STILL dreaming about working there.

This could be a long show....

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