Monday, February 19, 2007

Get paid to review my post!

This is a great new feature by PayPerPost! Do you see the pretty button at the bottom of this post? If you are not already a member at PayPerPost, you can click that button, and sign up to write blog ads, and review this post, and both you and I will get paid!!

Does that sound like a great deal, or what?

This program is also great for those bloggers who don't want to write sponsored posts on their blogs, because they can sign up and put the button on the bottom of their posts, and make money that way!

I am really loving working for PayPerPost and it has been really exciting recently to see all of the new things they are coming out with!

There will even be a convention in Orlando! At the convention, we will be able to learn all kinds of things about becoming the best bloggers that we can be!

There are quite a few companies online with similar opportunities for paid blogging, but, PayPerPost is by far the best! And the fact that they offer so much more, like conventions and contests, are a major plus!

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