Saturday, February 17, 2007

A day of night

That is what we've had here in Alabama today - a whole day of night. It has been cloudy all day, but, not a typical cloudy day - it was odd.

It looked like and felt like night all day. Not really dark night, but, night still the same.

And it's cold - not good for an already gloomy mama. Ugh.

I took Puppy out a while ago, because he needed some exploring time, off his cable - and I needed some fresh air. It did do me some good.

But as I was sitting on the front steps waiting for Puppy to finish all of his investigations of the various places of the yard he can't reach on his cable, I noticed how still and quiet and night-like it seemed.

There were no birds chirping, no bugs doing their noisy little thing, hardly a dog barking - just stillness and quietness.

And while we were out there, there was oh-so-slight precipitation. If only some of that snow up in Tennessee and those areas would come down here. Just for one day - one day of snow for my monsters.

I looked it up on the internet when we came inside and it doesn't look good for us in the snow department.

Such a bummer.


kat said...

That description is how the sky looks up north on days when it's going to snow.

Lisa said...

Ok, now - don't go gettin' me all excited and shit!


Palm Springs Savant said...

a genuinely funny blog...good yuks.


Lisa said...

Thank you, Savant! :)