Saturday, February 17, 2007

Do you know how much we spend on Valentine's?

It's unbelievable how much Americans spend on Valentine's Day every year!

The outrageous amount spent on Valentine's Day by Americans last year is $13.7 billion!! This figure comes from The National Retail Federation and puts each person's spending amount at $100.89.

It's really sad how materialistic this special day has become for some. It is, however, completely mind-boggling and utterly jaw-dropping the amount of money that is spent by some uber-wealthy people!

How about a $48 million jet? Alrighty then. That speaks of love, don't you think?

What about a wedding dress covered in diamonds that costs $12 million - that literally makes me queasy. How could one dress be worth t
hat much, and how could anyone, in their right mind, spend that much on one dress? But, you know what, if you can afford a $12 million dress, and you want to buy it, I guess this silly hippie has no say in the matter.

I was reading BELISI on Valentine's, and along with all of these extremely what-I-see-as-ridiculous gifts, he has some lovely, more rational suggestions.

One of my favorites is the King Bed for pets - it is so cool! Although, I'm sure it's not made for 100lb beasts! ;)

And there are many other sweet suggestions in his article that won't put you in debt for life and will show your sweetheart that you care.


The Freelance Cynic said...

I got my boyfriend a Card. And then we were both too lazy to write in them so haven't even exchanged them yet.
Then we ate pizza and watched the brit awards. That, I feel, is love...

Lisa said...

That's funny!

And, yes, so much closer to love than diamonds!!

For sure!!