Friday, February 02, 2007

Thank you, PayPerPost and!

My sweet, precious boy has an ear infection.


I've been really worried about it, because I thought I was going to have to take him to the vet (expensive!) and get him a prescription (expensive!) and as we are drowning financially right now, that just would not be feasible.

So - being the happy tree-hugger that I am, I began searching online for natural-type remedies for such a thing. But to save my life, I just could not find what I was looking for. I knew something like that must be out there, but, I just was not using the right search terms.

So here's where PayPerPost comes in to save the day!! They have been paying me to make posts, right? So I have a bit of spending money, right? Right!

And then - they paid me to make this post: My sweet Rosco

Well - during research for that post - guess what I found! All natural treatment for doggy ear infections!!!

How perfect is that? So first - they've been paying me, then they pay me to post about this company - where I find the answer to my problem! And I get to purchase that solution to my problem, because they've been paying me! HA! Don't ya love it??

That is the second time they've come in super handy for me - in my life - besides the paying me part!! I got back into Geocaching, thanks to a post I made for them - and wound up having a great day for my brother planned when he came in town, too!

But back to the dog, PPP, and - totally cool! Right...where was I?

Ok, so PPP rocks, we've got that - then I found this great ointment for Puppy's ears at - and then - get this...

I ordered it on Monday - it was coming from Wash. State - I pondered the expensive shipping, Puppy is shaking his head like crazy because the itching is driving him nuts! But I decided, he's waited this long for relief, he'll be ok.

But then guess what? - It got here on Wednesday!!! Do they ROCK, or what??

Now if it works, I'll be singing their praises all over the place!!!

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