Friday, February 02, 2007

Thank you, PayPerPost and!

My sweet, precious boy has an ear infection.


I've been really worried about it, because I thought I was going to have to take him to the vet (expensive!) and get him a prescription (expensive!) and as we are drowning financially right now, that just would not be feasible.

So - being the happy tree-hugger that I am, I began searching online for natural-type remedies for such a thing. But to save my life, I just could not find what I was looking for. I knew something like that must be out there, but, I just was not using the right search terms.

So here's where PayPerPost comes in to save the day!! They have been paying me to make posts, right? So I have a bit of spending money, right? Right!

And then - they paid me to make this post: My sweet Rosco

Well - during research for that post - guess what I found! All natural treatment for doggy ear infections!!!

How perfect is that? So first - they've been paying me, then they pay me to post about this company - where I find the answer to my problem! And I get to purchase that solution to my problem, because they've been paying me! HA! Don't ya love it??

That is the second time they've come in super handy for me - in my life - besides the paying me part!! I got back into Geocaching, thanks to a post I made for them - and wound up having a great day for my brother planned when he came in town, too!

But back to the dog, PPP, and - totally cool! Right...where was I?

Ok, so PPP rocks, we've got that - then I found this great ointment for Puppy's ears at - and then - get this...

I ordered it on Monday - it was coming from Wash. State - I pondered the expensive shipping, Puppy is shaking his head like crazy because the itching is driving him nuts! But I decided, he's waited this long for relief, he'll be ok.

But then guess what? - It got here on Wednesday!!! Do they ROCK, or what??

Now if it works, I'll be singing their praises all over the place!!!


Retta said...

hope he's feeling better soon!

momofthree said...

Sounds like divine intervention!

Lisa said...

Thanks Retta!!

Momofthree - that is exactly how I felt!! :D