Thursday, January 25, 2007

My sweet Rosco

I miss him so much! My sweet kitty, Rosco. I was just talking to Shawn about him a little while ago.

I was sitting down to eat my chicken salad on Triscuits, and my dog, Puppy, was just wishing and wishing that I would give him some! He has taken to loving chicken salad.

And since Shawn stayed home from school, I said to him, "We have a silly Puppy who loves chicken and a silly kitty who loves beef! We have mixed up pets!"

(I don't want to use past-tense - yes, he's in Heaven, but, he's still in my heart!)

But Rosco LOVED beef! Whenever we cooked any kind of beef, that cat came running!! LOL!

I can't believe it's really been almost two years since he went to Heaven. He passed on Feb. 15, 2005. He was 14 years old. I love him so much! And he was around the whole time the kids were - I mean, they never knew a life without him, you know? So they were all insanely sad when he passed.
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I had to have him put down. And for the longest time, Sammie kept saying that I killed him. Oh man! That really stung - but, when you're eight, it's so hard to understand!

(He was so very sick on that last day...)
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He was in kidney failure, and I may have let him go too long - I don't know. It is so hard when that is happening - your beloved pet is becoming sicker by the day, and you don't really know when the best time is. I mean - heck, God handles stuff like that, you know? I'm not used to that kind of responsibility. I don't imagine anyone ever is.

Who knows what caused the kidney failure - any one of a number of things could have caused it. If it had been cancer, I could have given him ES Clear for Cat Cancer - this stuff sounds really awesome! I am always on the lookout for natural remedies and alternative treatments. The customer testimonial about the product is from a girl named Mandy, and she says that her cat, Snuff, was able to maintain her weight and energy, and got back to acting like her regular self again, after using the product. Wow - that is so cool!

Another totally awesome reason that I've been made aware of this great alternative health care site is that I found some medicine for my dog's infected ear. I have been so worried it! I keep cleaning it out, but, it is just not getting better. So I began looking online for alternative therapies, but, to this point, hadn't found any. And I was thinking, oh my gosh - I'm going to have to come up with at least $100, probably more like $150, to take him to the vet!

Not anymore! Thank God! I am going to order some Echo Gold for Dog Ear Infections!!
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Now my sweet boy will be able to finally stop shaking his head like a crazy man! I am so happy! I have really been so worried about this!


Donna said...

Our cat will eat everything, too. Rosco is adorable!

What kind of dog do you have? He is beautiful1

Lisa said...

Puppy is a rescue from the SPCA, where he was classified as a 'lab mix' - at which my veterinarian brother laughed out loud!
He then explained to me that that means they don't know what the hell he is! heehee!! It's their catch-all term!

Anyhoo - Puppy's vet (not my bro - he's 24 hrs. away) :( and I both think - Great Dane and St. Bernard