Thursday, January 25, 2007

It works in with my confidentiality!

Oh yeah! Works in with your confidentiality, eh? Cool!

That had me cracking up so loud that the entire family was yelling at me - it was so damn funny! I am completely laughing out LOUD just trying to type this!!

It reminds me of the time when my mother and I were in a small, obscure, hole-in-the-wall, but-oh-so-New-York NYC bar. The bartender was a scream!

In fact, the only reason we even went in was because as we were walking by the place, the guy starts hollerin' out at me because I was wearing a scarf and gloves in October, like the wimpy Southerner I am! Hahaha! It was too funny! Let me tell you - I had a blast in NYC - I met so many people, even had shouting matches (mostly in good spirits) with them, while my mother just stood back and watched the show! She kept telling me, "You were supposed to be a New Yorker!" I have been telling her all my life that I LOVE New York and it was one of my dream trips - that was why she took me in the first place!

Am I good at digressing, or what?

Anyhoo - back to said bartender. He's totally flirting with my mother, and hanging out at our end of the bar talking with us the whole time we were in there. And he was telling us that there was a really great boat ride we should go take the next day. So he says, "When you go back to your hotel, ask the hotel consiliere about it."

OMG! Mom and I were dying - trying so hard not to laugh in the guy's face! He really was a nice guy, and it was kind of cute, and really - oh-so-New-York for him to say that, right? As I (I don't know about you) only think of New York, when I think of the mob.

When we left there, we were laughing all night over it!!

That was the funniest little bar - the damn toilets were crooked - like installed on a floor with an incline! We were laughing when we thought of all the drunk people that go in there to go potty - damn, it's making me laugh now!

That was one cool bar - I just loved it!

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