Thursday, January 25, 2007

Be my thumb drive Valentine!

This right here is one of the answers to my prayers regarding my computer! Mark has outlined a whole plan of action in getting me back to where I want to be - and included in the plans is a portable hard drive - and how freaking cute is this?

I love it - and it could even have my name and phone number on it! I like the cranberry-colored one!

I don't know, I might need more than one!

I'd say two of the 4GB would make me feel better about things! At $69.99 a pop - that would be about $150 - not too bad, I think!

And they're PINK!! Who could argue with that?

Let me tell you, for Valentine's Day - you could totally forget the flowers if you wanted to show up with two thumb drives for me!!

And they're pink! Did I say that? ;)

It'd be just like on the White and Nerdy video! Oh yeah! "Oh honey! You got me an external thumb drive? Oh honey! Oh!" *smoochy, smoochy, smoochy*

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