Thursday, January 25, 2007

I miss MY computer!!

I am so severely bummed about not having my own computer - it is driving me crazy!

Maybe I didn't post about it here, but, in November, my beloved hard drive crashed - kaplooey!

Just kersplat! Crash-ola, gone! It was a very sad day, indeed!

My precious husband got me back up and running, God bless him - on our sons' computer - and I am so extremely grateful for that! As much as he complains about my constant computer time, he jumped up and helped me out - without my even asking him! That was totally awesome and really, really touched me.

There are a few complaints I have about this machine, though. It is running Windows ME - isn't that from caveman times? I think it must be, because there are so many applications that do not support it! I can't even get the freaking Google toolbar! Or the new MySpace IM - not that that is a necessary thing, but, that is just another example I can think of off the top of my head of software that has slammed its door in my face!

Also, the video card is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay messed up - you wouldn't even believe what I have to look at on the screen - think 70's television sets with the vertical lines - serious! Ugh!

And the settings on it are all funky cadywumpuss! (yes, that's a new word, and yes, I like it - thank you very much!) The screen doesn't really go all the way to the edges of the monitor - there is a black border all around, you know what I mean? And yet - what I'm seeing is all stretched out - so that on practically every site I'm on - there are vertical and horizontal scroll bars! It is purely maddening!!!!!!!!!! And I cannot seem to fix it for the life of me!

But the complaint that brought us here - to this giant, whiny, bitchy post - is that I can't freaking get the printer set up correctly to print out my labels for My Very Own Mail! The labels are being printed off-center - and going off the edges of the labels - on top and bottom and on the sides! Not to mention, I lost my original copy of my logo... Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Isn't it cute??? But, I am having to swipe it from my photobucket account and from my sites, and for publishing on the web, that works fine (in most cases) but, for printing out, I am winding up with the 'copy of a copy' syndrome.

This is definitely not good, because I print it out on labels for the envelopes that the kids' letters and goodies go in!

So I spent all day yesterday trying to get my letters together, and it was so maddening!

I can't wait until I make enough money to fix my machine! And I know the kids can't wait to get theirs back!

/end complaining - return to your normal cheery day! ;)

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