Friday, January 26, 2007

Mama got PR!! Oh yeah!

I'm so freaking excited! I finally have some Google Page Rank here at The Hippie Spelunker!!


Without the www, it's a PR2 - and with the www, it's a 3!! Totally awesome!

I'm so excited!

On the other hand, however - I have been blogging my little heart out over the last few months - here, and on my MySpace blog - and I'm not sure about over there, but, I think you can't get Page Rank - which is a bummer.

But - I'm getting off my point, my point is that here I have been blogging my fingers bloody, so to speak. And I haven't touched my Christmas blog, Kids Love Christmas, since December 16th - and it got some Page Rank! Without the www - PR2, and with the www - PR2!!!

What is up with that? This stuff is really confusing.

Oh - so if you are looking from the perspective of the MySpace blogger, which I am - I blogged my fingers bloody and got PR0 - and Kids Love Christmas, no activity in over a month - PR2.

If I only had those two, I would be so pissed right now! Thank God for Spelunking Hippies!!!

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