Friday, January 26, 2007

Hoodia supplements - do they work?

I have tried a supplement with hoodia in it and the stuff, to me, is simply amazing!

It is supposed to suppress your appetite, but, for me - it's like I can't eat, hardly at all, anyway, when I'm on it!

You know the feeling when you've just eaten a whole bunch, and you just cannot eat anymore - it is a lot like that for me. I don't feel full, and I certainly don't feel like I've just stuffed my face - but, I just feel like I can't eat. Which is cool!

I only take one a day, like after lunch sometimes - so basically what that does for me - is completely get rid of that horrible nighttime eating. The late afternoon snack, the even later dinner, then the before-bedtime snack. Man, that stuff just kills me. That alone, is probably what got me to where I am with my weight!

For me, I think that hoodia weight loss is a great way to go. At least to help me get started breaking bad habits, anyway!


Belle said...

I need to look into that as well. I could use a little bit of help right now with the weight loss/management I was doing so well with just two weeks ago.

Donna said...

I was wondering about it, too. I saw the liquid and the pills at Costco.