Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I got one of my favorite email newsletters the other day, it was from:

patchwork hippie clothes


I absolutely love this online merchant! They have some of the coolest threads and all kinds of fun stickers and incense and even shoes! And they are a nice, small, family-run business.

And they have the most amazing tapestry on sale right now! It has the tree of life on it, with lots of flowers and critters!

Check it out:

I love it so much! I think it is so beautiful!

And it is amazing that right now it is listed as $26.00!!

I mean, the thing is 80in. by 100in. - it's a pretty good size, you know?

I can't believe that amazing price!

I wonder if, gently pointed in this direction, a certain hubby-type could be persuaded to get it for a certain spelunking hippie-type for Valentine's Day?


I know just where it would go - it would be perfect here in my office - it would make me feel wonderful all day!

Somebody call Mr. Spelunker and tell him how badly I want this - and don't forget to add how much I deserve it, too! ;) (Just don't call him a hippie! He's a redneck, through and through!)

Thanks! LOL!


Retta said...

Oh, I love it!


Lisa said...

Tell. me. about. it.