Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A redneck and a hippie sittin' in a tree...



That last post just made me realize something! It's funny, because I sometimes realize stuff I've known all along - just kind of in a different way!

Rednecks and hippies - both share a love of the outdoors!

That is one of the ways that hubby and I fit together, even though we are so very different!

Hippies just don't kill anything while we're out there! LOL!

And let me tell you, rednecks don't do any killin' while I'm out there, that's for sure!

I've always known that Mark and I both love the outdoors - it was just kind of funny when I thought of it this way!

Ya'll sing with me....

"A redneck and a hippie, sittin' in a tree....."

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