Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Songs in the trees

That is another good thing about living out here. You know the cricket songs in the trees in the summer time?

There is some type of 'tree-singer' all year round here! I know at my mother-in-law's place - there are frogs in the trees. Tree frogs. And they sing and sing loudly all summer. I am pretty sure they are quiet for the winter, but, someone is a'singin and a'singin - and I'm not sure who it is.

I suppose it could be another type of cricket. I have noticed similar creatures, but different - here. Like the squirrels - they are a bit different here - smaller and they have varying colors - I mean, they don't all look alike. In Dallas, the only difference between one squirrel and the next, though I love them dearly - is their size.

And of course, there are different birds. Oh - and different numbers of birds. Like in Dallas, I would only see one, maybe two robins at a time. Here - I will see 10-20 of them all hanging out together.

So - it could be a different 'brand' of cricket. Heehee

I don't know what it is, but, with summer being my favorite season, I definitely love it!

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