Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Resume time?

There are a few people in my life who are convinced that I need a job outside the home. What an undertaking the whole thing would be!

Prior to even actually working, there would be a lot of work that would have to go into it!

I would need to find some nice clothes. I would need to find a place to apply for a job. I would need to try to get an interview. I would need to pull out my old resumes, and do my best to get them up to date.

One thing that would be a big plus in my favor, over other applicants would be the use of Audio Resume. With the use of an audio resume, I would be really able to convey my outgoing spirit and demonstrate that I am well-spoken, but, most importantly, I could let potential employers hear my confidence. I would be showing so much more of me than the one-dimensional resume usually provides. The employer could really get a better idea of whether I would fit in with their company.

And it is very nicely priced and so easy to do! I would just have to order the service, then call in to a toll-free number and answer five typical interview questions, then I am given my own special URL with my interview published on it, and I put that URL on my regular resume and the potential employer can listen at their convenience.

I think I've almost got myself talked into this whole job search thing - it's beginning to sound exciting!

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