Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hippie Personals

UPDATE: Such a bummer that site is no longer live!

Ok, ya'll - this is great! I've been seeing all different kinds of online dating sites - even blogged about one where you can find a millionaire to date!

But this - this is great - an online dating site for HIPPIES!!! I love it! I went browsing around some of the profiles, and I saw some really neat people on there!

Too bad there's not a HippiePersonal for friends - like maybe a 'HippieSpace' or something...having just moved to The Bible Belt - I'm not sure I'm completely understood by the new people I am meeting out here. And while many of them are very nice and I do want to continue to hang out with them, I would love to find a few peeps who 'get me' a little more, ya know?

Ah well - any of you sweet hippies out there need hookin' up - you know where to go!

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