Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fliptrack is so cool!

The internet has made so many things available to so many people, whereas before, only 'experts' could do them.

For instance, I used to go to weekend retreats with my church and at the end of the weekend, they would have this totally awesome video made up of pictures taken over the weekend, put to music, of course. Everyone loved it and they would almost always end it with the song 'Lean on Me' - and by that time, everyone had their arms around each other and the tears were beginning to flow!

And last year, for my son's sixth grade graduation, they made one of all the sixth graders involved in all of their activities throughout the year - and it was so cool! All the kids loved it!

And I have always been so amazed at the technological prowess of the people who put these videos together. Well, guess what? Now I get to exhibit that same technological prowess myself!

Yep - at, I can go in there and put some photos together, pick the music, pick whatever effects that I want - and then send away! I can post it on my MySpace profile, I can embed it right here on my Blogger blog - all kinds of things! Get ready to watch Grandma cry!!! LOL!!

I'm so excited about this and I can't wait to get started!

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