Wednesday, February 14, 2007

eCards Rock!!!

I got an ecard from a old friend today and it was the coolest thing! It was super cool - I actually teared up! This is someone I've been friends with since the 9th grade, and the internet has helped us reconnect.

And that card came out of the blue today, as we haven't talked for several weeks, and it just really made my day!

It was a sweet card, but, it can also be fun to send free funny eCards and there are some really great ones out there, along with some weird ones! LOL!

Here's a rather weird one:

Uh, yeah - a bit on the creepy side.

Here's an 'ooh-la-la' one:

What guy wouldn't like that one?

Here's a funny and silly one:

That one was really funny to watch!

If you want to send unlimited ecards from, you can get a yearly membership for only $13.99 - and right now, you can get a FREE 30 day trial to check it out!

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