Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sad dream

Me and my dreams, I tell you! Gah!

Well, I guess, at least they keep me occupied!

I did something I've never done before, though - I got up in the morning and cried my eyes out for ten minutes! Or more!

I had to go in the garage so that I didn't wake up the kids, I was crying so much.

And it is all related to missing Dallas, or - more like - the people in Dallas that I've left behind.

Ok, so in the dream hubby and MIL and I had to go to Texas, but, it was for work. We were in a truck and we were pulling a trailer with stuff on it or a tractor or something like that - that part is kind of fuzzy. And the two of them were not going to let me see my family while we were there. Ugh. We were going to go to Plano, TX - do the business, whatever the hell it was - picking up equipment, tools, or dropping some off or something - and then we were going to turn right around and come back, not even staying the night. And no, I couldn't see my family.

Well, that's a fine how do ya do!

So we get to Plano, and all of the sudden the road turns into a creek or a stream or something and, of course, the trailer/tractor doohickey is stuck. And as with any road trip vehicle difficulties, what followed was some waiting around time to get everything fixed and get us back on the road.

We were inside somewhere - it wasn't anyone's house, but, it wasn't a business - ?? - and I am on a ladder, inside the building. Just goofing off, not working or anything. (Now that'll surprise my family and friends!) And next thing ya know...

In walks my sweet Momma!!!! Someone, not hubby or MIL, I might add, knew how badly I wanted to see her, and so they called her and told her to hurry over while we were stuck there.

I climbed down off of that ladder and we were talking, laughing, and hugging - when my alarm went off.

I got up out of bed and went to the kitchen to turn off the alarm (only safe place for it, otherwise I'd never get up!) and promptly started boohooing!


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