Monday, February 12, 2007

Totally weird dream!

Ok, so the other night I had this really strange dream - who knows what it could possibly mean!!

I was mostly a spectator - but, there were these women coming in and they needed to show this person (man, woman, I don't know) their knockers. So they would open their robe, show the knockers, then close the robe and leave the room.

Ok then. Whatever.

But that's not even the weird part yet.

There was this one woman and she had with her two of her kids. Two boys. One was two months old and one was two years old. When asked to show her knockers, she lifts one of the voluptuous knockers up in her hand - and there was a face on it! On her knocker - like her knocker was a little human head hanging off of her body!!! Oh my!

And it looked just like her sons, and she said that her two year old was jealous of it.

And then I saw the mouth move on the 'knocker-head' and the woman says, "Yeah, the mouth even moves, and that really upsets him." (referring to the two year old)

Ok, then - who wants to dissect that weirdo dream?!



wahmbuddy said...

I don't know that I want to disect it Lisa, but holy cow - yep a bit strange :)

Maybe it's a good thing I don't remember my dreams - LOL

CJ said...

er, uh, I don't know how to interpret that one...but suddenly I feel like chicken and dumplings

Amy said...

What?? Too shy to post about that OTHER dream???

Lisa said...

Ah, wahmbuddy - you're missing out! They can be a constant source of amusement!! LOL!

cj - Hey, chicken and dumplings sounds good - pass some over!

Amy - you are completely evil!!! Brat!!

maybe...just maybe...

skeet said...

No dream interpretation from me, but I just this morning read a passage in "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" wher ea mother painted a scary, ugly face on her boob to convince a too-old child tha tit was time to quit nursing, lol!

You've been tagged!

skeet said...

ACK! Sorry that was a mess, but I guess it was appropriate that I typoed "that it" into "tha tit," lol! I need to speed my brain up so it can keep up with my fingers on the keyboard.