Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shhhh! I've got a secret!

And it's a rockin' cool one, too!


Now hush up, wouldja?! The kids'll hear!

My brother is at this moment in the next town over and the kids have no idea!

I am loving this secret! So cool!

Mic is gonna call me when he gets close and then I'm gonna drag the kids downstairs, saying I need their help with something. Then Mic will sneak in the front door and plop himself in my rocking chair and sit waiting...

Meanwhile, downstairs, I become frustrated, and decide that we should take care of 'this' another day - "Let's just go back upstairs!"


I love it!!!

And it's gonna happen prolly in less than an hour!


Now ya'll don't tell, ok? Hush up!

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