Thursday, January 11, 2007

Have you read about the iPhone?

It really sounds like a great little gadget! I was reading up on it yesterday - which was its release day, all over the net and the blogosphere.

Well, there is some 'new' news about it today, that I read at the tech and gadget blog, Zigire. The blog also covers Web 2.0 and the author's web developing work.

Anyway, so it seems that the actual name 'iPhone' is trademarked my Cisco Systems and has been since 2000 and Cisco Systems will be suing Apple over the name.

Oddly enough, Apple does own the trademark 'iPhone' in the UK and maybe in Australia. That seems really weird to me. Well, I guess if I liken it to Main Street in my town and Main Street in 'your' town, then it sort of makes more sense.

I haven't looked into the prices of this new fancy gadget, but, boy, do I sure want one! I've been coveting my mom's and my brother's Treo's for so long, but, now I think my attention has definitely been turned to the iPhone.

What a way to let the 'air out of the balloon' for the launch, though - with a lawsuit!

There is also another interesting thing going on over at Zigire - he has challenged himself to launch a social networking site in four days! I am definitely intrigued to see how this one plays out!

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