Monday, January 15, 2007

Shhh! Free fonts - don't tell Shawn!

What a super cool, mega-awesome site chock full of free fonts!

If my son, Shawn, sees this site, I will never get him off of my computer! The only person I've known to take more time deciding on and messing around with fonts more than I - is Shawn! That boy will take forever if he finds this goldmine!!

And he will sometimes have many fonts in one report for school! The teachers have never complained, but, to me - some of them are hard to read.

This site also has free dingbats, along with a forum and a blog.

All of my kids love the dingbats - they would be fighting for my computer if they saw the multitude of adorable and funny graphics there!

For now, I think I will keep this just our little secret!

And besides, I found the best hippie flower love font - woohoo! I'll post with it as soon as I figure that out!


CJ said...

I love new "toys" like this! Of course I had to check out the Celtic fonts. Awesome!

Lisa said...

I know, aren't they so cool? I could spend all day there playing!!