Tuesday, January 16, 2007

American Idol debut

That's right, kids - it's the special, two-hour debut - TONIGHT!

Get home and get your homework done straight away, take your baths, no goofin' around - because we've got plans!

Plans to laugh our ever-lovin' heads off!! Starting at 7pm Central, it's time to start watching and laughing, and then watching and waiting, and then watching and hoping - with all of the American Idol contestants again!

Too much fun! I can't wait! It is something that the whole family enjoys, even the grumpy teenage boy! Hahaha!

I wonder how Alabama is going to represent this year!!!

I heard there was a petition several months back just to hold the contest here to beging with...

...but - I guess nothing ever came of that!

Oh well - it will definitely be interesting to see if we have another Alabama American Idol!

Tonight! 7 o'clock sharp! Be there or be square!

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