Saturday, January 20, 2007

PT Cruisers are so cool! And cute, too!

I just love those things - I think they are so cute!! And the thing is, they're cool at the same time!

That's a neat trick for a car! Can't say that about a lot of cars!

Anyway, I like 'shopping' online for cars - often I will look up the big trucks that I love, or the Nissan Frontier that I want, and sometimes I'll 'shop' around for the 'fun cars' that I like, too!

Today in my web 'car wanderings', I ran across - they sell Dodge, Jeep, and, of course, Chrysler - the maker of my sweet, I'd-love-to-have-it-for-fun-car, the PT Cruiser.

I love what they say about the PT Cruiser, "The P.T. Cruiser combines practical-minded versatility with choices of a candy shop."

That so sums up the Cruiser for me! It's a great car, but, it's fun, too!

Ah can dream....


Belle said...

I, too, love PT Cruisers. In fact, it is in the running for the next vehicle I get. If I can find one old and affordable enough that I can buy it outright, that is!

Lisa said...

Yeah, if it weren't for the four-door Frontier, I think the PT would be next car, too!

And buying it outright would rock!

Anonymous said...

Yo, I got a 2.4 liter turbo in mine and it out races alot on da inerstate. IT's orange and it says that it is a dream cruiser series 2 model. It's just so freaken sweet!!! Iv'e seen some preety werid ones but ares looks like one of those street tuned cars it's just missing the dual exuast,nean lights. Anyway, keep liking da PT CRUISER PLEASE, everbody at my school or most of them hate the Pt and it makes me MAD!!!!!!!!