Saturday, January 20, 2007

PT Cruisers are so cool! And cute, too!

I just love those things - I think they are so cute!! And the thing is, they're cool at the same time!

That's a neat trick for a car! Can't say that about a lot of cars!

Anyway, I like 'shopping' online for cars - often I will look up the big trucks that I love, or the Nissan Frontier that I want, and sometimes I'll 'shop' around for the 'fun cars' that I like, too!

Today in my web 'car wanderings', I ran across - they sell Dodge, Jeep, and, of course, Chrysler - the maker of my sweet, I'd-love-to-have-it-for-fun-car, the PT Cruiser.

I love what they say about the PT Cruiser, "The P.T. Cruiser combines practical-minded versatility with choices of a candy shop."

That so sums up the Cruiser for me! It's a great car, but, it's fun, too!

Ah can dream....
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