Monday, January 22, 2007

From paper dolls to 'dollz'

I used to LOVE my paper dolls! They were so much fun!

I remember one time I lost a bunch of the pieces, and I was so upset!!

Well, with the new version of paper dolls - I never have to worry about losing any 'pieces' - because the newest incarnation is online!

That's right - online, virtual paper dolls! Now aren't these the cutest things?!

I just love them! I can mess with these things for hours!! You can change their accessories, their eyes, hands, even their eyebrows!

And when you are done playing Dress Up Games and getting your doll just the way you like her, you can use her for your avatar in forums and everywhere you go online, just about!

I have so much fun changing them up! And I love their big, pretty eyes!

The dollz are so popular - it's unbelievable! While I was on The Doll Palace website just now, there were almost 3,000 users online!!

And the history of the dollz online is really interesting, also. It started out really small, and then as one person started making them for others, their popularity exploded! And everyone wanted one! It all began in 1995. And as the phenomenon has developed, graphic artists are really getting into exploring their art through dollz, and as a measure to really be taken serious for their art, have gone back to calling them 'dolls'.

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