Saturday, January 13, 2007

MySpace is so cool!

I am having so much fun on MySpace! Maybe even too much fun!

I do spend an awful lot of time there - well, heck - with 395 friends, I have to! Heehee

I don't use friend adders, I just have run into many people there from the various aspects of my life!

The people in my friends list include cousins, old school friends, old neighbors, online SAHM friends, mom message board friends, WAHM friends, internet marketers, and the list goes on and on, really.

And I have so much fun tweaking my layout - I change it a lot. I usually use premade myspace layouts, because they change all aspects of my page in one fell swoop, and that is very quick and easy when I have other important online stuff to tend to, like blogging.

I do enjoy, however, playing with the various parts separately sometimes - like I put the name of my blog in the 'Extended Network' spot the other day - I was pretty proud of myself!

Anyway, if you're not on MySpace, you might be missing out on all kinds of fun and meaningful connections - seriously! Some of these people I wouldn't have run into anywhere else!

MySpace rocks!

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