Saturday, January 13, 2007

Alone on Saturday?

This is really strange, and feels really weird.

Puppy and I are all alone - and it's very quiet (save for his claws scratching up the wall, as he rolls to get comfortable) -- on a Saturday!

The boys are still at their cousin's house, enjoying the hell outta that XBox360; Mark is off hunting; and Sammie is at a girlfriend's house a few doors down.

The weather is just right - not too warm and not too cold, so I have several windows open (the ones that will open! Grrr! But, that's another post!) and I can hear 'Saturday noises' going on out there...people coming and going, etc.

So it is almost uncomfortable to be alone - like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop kind of feeling. LOL! Like at any moment, Mark and his cronies, the boys, the cousins, and their mom, Sammie and all of her friends - could just in one fell swoop noisily descend upon the house and turn the place into utter chaos!

Now isn't that silly?

I really should just relax and enjoy the quiet while I have it - because, tonight the cousin is spending the night here, so at some point this afternoon - quite a bit of that mentioned above, will come true!

Puppy just got up to pace around, perhaps even he feels the weirdness of it.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi! :)

Have a great weekend.