Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Micky Surprise!

I forgot to report on 'The Micky Surprise'!

Ok, well for a little recap - I moved from my hometown of Dallas, TX to Alabama in July - my folks and my brother and his family still live in Dallas.

My brother travels with his job, and quite often lands in Birmingham or Atlanta, both of which are very close to us.

Well, he called on Tuesday to tell me that he would be here on Wednesday. When he comes, he usually arrives around dinner time and gets to hang out with us for the evening, then spend the night, and go back to B'ham or Hotlanta the next morning.

We were unaware, as I think he might have been that he would be coming this week until Tuesday.

So I decided not to tell the kids - I wanted to surprise them.

I told Mic to call me when he was close, and I would take the kids down into the basement - 'The Evil Dungeon of Chores' - *cue creepy music* - under the premise of helping me organize the oodles of boxes we were unable to unpack, as we've nowhere to put the stuff.

Then Mic snuck in the front door and sat here at my computer chair.

I decide "Ah heck with it - we'll do this another night!" and send the kids back upstairs.

IT WAS GREAT!!! They were so surprised and excited and immediately tackled him - if you can picture one grown man in a desk chair tackled by three kids - it was so cool!

I might just have to do it that way next time he comes, too! It was so exciting that way!

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