Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Headless Mommy

Yep - that's it - that's what I want to be, dammit!

"The Headless Mommy - Rides Again!"

I'm so damn sick of these stupid, blasted headaches - UGH! That I am ready to no longer have a head!

Was The Headless Horseman a good guy or a bad guy? Well, I guess The Headless Mommy could go either way - a bad guy(girl) because I've had too many migraines and I've been sent over the bloody EDGE! ...or a good guy(girl) because I no longer have a head to give me any trouble! LOL!

I feel like a really bad 'Literacy Preacher' not knowing if The Headless Horseman is a good guy or a bad guy. Maybe it is just because I don't feel well. These migraines really do zap brain power. It's really rotten. Kind of like the early stages of pregnancy when you don't know simple stuff you have always known. Yeah, let's blame it on the headache, so I don't have to feel like a bad Bookworm Mama!

Anyway, I had plans for today - PLANS - you hear me? Plans. I desperately need to update The My Very Own Mail Bookworm Broadcast, and I am working on getting my newsletter going - The My Very Own Mail Bookworm Bulletin, and I had plans to blog here - more than just one post, and I have tons of content on my harddrive to organize - thanks to the Christmas giveaways! And I would really have liked to do some searching and training on ChaCha.com. But...no, Mr. Migraine decided to bless me with a visit - so I am typing this with my head tilted sideways and peering out of my blurry eyes...just wanted to come and complain.

Now I guess I should go eat (hunger is no good for Mr. Poopyhead Headache) take a shower and make some more coffee...and see if I feel better.

I doubt I will get to much of my online work, but, I did promise a very kind friend that I would hit a meeting today (12 step recovery) as I haven't had one since we moved here! Eeeeks - we've been here since July 1st! Lordy!

So hopefully I can recuperate enough to make that happen tonight!

Side bitch: I just had to pick up a friend of Shawn's who wanted to come and play - we arrive at the house of said child....and there were SIX cars parked at the house!!!! Why, oh why, do I always have to pick these kids up?! Grrr!


h! said...

happy new year to you, "almost hippie"!

Belle said...

Happy New Year! Hope you feel better soon. To add to your aggravations, I tagged you for a meme. I hope you'll play along!