Thursday, January 04, 2007

Boise is beautiful

I am learning so much working online. This morning I've learned that Boise, Idaho is a very beautiful place with an impressive elevation of 2700 ft. (I suppose elevation is only considered impressive if you were born in a place like Colorado. I imagine people in maybe, New Orleans, who are actually below sea level, don't really care about such things. Ah, well...)

Anyway, the pictures that I have seen today are just absolutely gorgeous. And the name Boise actually comes from the word 'wooded'. That I definitely like the sound of.

It seems that Boise has experienced rapid growth since the 1990's and is home to a lot of very large companies - one being none other than one of our favorites (us PPP'ers, that is) - the printer division of Hewlett Packard.

And get this - less than an hour drive from downtown...are you ready? Downhill skiing!!! Skiing so close? Ahh....dreeeeaaamy!

So I was also browsing through Idaho real estate and found the most killer house! Check this baby out!
Is that not the coolest? I know my brother, Mic, would love it, too! I definitely have to email it to him! He is gonna want it so bad, just like I do!

It sits on 2.18 acres, and has a great roomy kitchen! It is a 3-3-2, with a barn, as well, and is selling for $259,000.

After having spent most of my life in Dallas, that is an AMAZING price!

To live in a house like that, and to live where the jazz and theatre community is so active - wow! That sounds like a great deal!

I want that house!!

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