Thursday, December 28, 2006

HP Postie Patrol

The third postie patrol - the HP Postie Patrol - looks like it was SO MUCH FUN!!

I love crazy, fun, hyper scavenger hunt type games! I guess that's why I like geocaching so much - not that I scream "Wooo! Wooooo! Woooo!" in the woods or anything! Hahaha

But scavenger hunts/treasure hunts are so much fun - and to know it had the possibility of ending with such a FAB treasure -- a digital camera, a printer, paper, and $1000 -- oh man! That would just be way way way too sweet!!!

This is really silly, but, one of my favorite parts is when Ted says, "I just want some pizza, man!" So cute!!

I would so love PayPerPost and HP to visit the beautiful state of Alabama - and me - for a Postie Patrol!

What I wouldn't give to sit in the Big Blue Monster!!!! I used to hang out at the International dealer/factory/warehouse, but, of course the nice guys that worked there couldn't let us near the trucks - you had to be wealthy just to test-drive them! Not that I even expected them to let me test drive the beautiful beasts, but, I would've loved to at least sit in one!

So - obviously, being the truck junkie that I am, I would love to see the Big Blue Monster - but, I would love the chance to win some prizes, too! In a fun way -like Robyn did! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to try to gag down a giganto pizza! LOL!

The fact that HP has signed on so supportively with PayPerPost totally rocks! They have such killer products! And not to mention, on their site they have great Digital Photography Tips - goodness knows I can use all the help that I can get!

Watch the video and see how much fun bloggers can have when two great companies like PayPerPost and HP team up!!

This post was brought to you by HP.

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