Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Going back to school is a good thing?

Wow! Who'da thunk it?

I usually wake my middle son, who is 12, at 6:30a.m. - and he gets a warning ('snooze' - if you please) ten minutes prior to that.

I usually have trouble getting him up and it is often not until 6:45 that he is actually moving and getting ready.

However - yesterday he totally shocked me, even startled, you could say. It was their first day back after a more than two week break, during which we never set the alarm, and didn't once get up early. And that boy was up at 5:30 AM Monday morning - and took a shower!!

It's hard enough to get them to shower at night - but, for one of them to wake up early enough to shower in the morning ...before school?

I got a little nervous, thinking maybe he'd had a really bad nose bleed (he's a chronic nose-bleeder) or maybe had thrown up in the night -- and was having to take a shower to clean himself up.

As soon as I could get his attention, I asked him, in my worried mama voice, "Shawn, are you alright?"

And he said he was fine and just excited to be going back to school!

And he was hyper as all get out!

Now how cool is that?

You know in the first couple years that your child goes to school, how it's still an exciting thing?

I miss that so much! So I am always so thrilled when we have days with eager anticipation for the school day!!

Very cool!


Mike said...

That's pretty awesome. It's not every day that a kid will get all excited about school like that.

I remember those few days i had like that. Now i look back and just wish i had more of them.

In fact, i wish i was just happy to go to work. :( sadly it's not so.

But kudos to your son, I hope has more of those exciting days, makes life so much better. : )

Osman said...

What a lovely post!

As a student, i also sometimes feel like him but whenever there is a break for school, i miss my university. That sounds weird to me but i think i will be sad when i finish my school...