Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No privacy for me!

If you have been following along with this chaotic story that is my life, you will remember that we just moved into this house in July. The house is fairly old, but, with the lack of window coverings, you would think I moved into a brand new house.

I mean, every window has something on it, but, upstairs - only ONE window is sufficiently covered to my taste. Some of the windows have curtains that don't close - you know those fancy things that are just there to be pretty. One of these is Sammie's window and it made her extremely uncomfortable, so I had to cover the window with packing paper - nice. Yeah.

Some of the windows have curtains that are almost completely see-through - especially at night when it is DARK outside and LIGHT inside - duh.

Some of the windows have those extremely cheap blinds on them that offer a lovely silhouette at night for all the world (ok, neighborhood) to see - one of those is my master bathroom! UGH!

I would love to buy some horizontal blinds for Sammie's room in a light pink. Luckily - her window faces the back, which is actually our busier side of the house - but, I think of the back and the side as 'allowed' to go against the color scheme of the outside of the house.

And I have always coveted wood blinds - they are so beautiful. A lot of Mark's customers have them. And come to think of it, I think my brother does, too. Yeah, I think he does. It's kind of funny to be in someone's house and be so jealous of their window blinds! Very silly!

And every master bedroom should have sun-darkening shades! Now that would be very cool! Especially when I have a migraine!

Well, one day - like one window at a time, I will be able to upgrade my window dressings.

And for now - I get to give the 'silhouette show' to the neighbors! LOL!

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