Friday, January 05, 2007

Employee reviews

You know, sometimes I really miss managing the drop-in daycare center. I was really good at it. And the odd thing was, with it being a drop-in center, we were in charge of all aspects of the business. It was definitely a juggle!

The regional manager and the owner were always pleased with my work, though. They always said that when they came in the center, things were running good. The place wasn't a mess, the kids weren't running around like crazy freakazoids - they all had activities to occupy them constructively, and the office was in good shape.

So one would think my Performance Appraisal was really good and I often got a raise, right? Nope.

We (all the other managers and I) would frequently ask for our reviews, so that good stuff like raises could come about, and they just never would get around to it.

Maybe if they had a good management software program they could have gotten themselves organized. Well, working from home now, I give myself a review - great job, me!

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