Friday, January 05, 2007

My favorite movies meme

Ok, I got tagged for another meme by my wonderfully sweet and kind and beautiful friend, Suni. This one is my five favorite movies.

Only five? Me, oh my!

Ok, first off we would have to say....Turner and Hooch love it, love it, love it - cry at the end every time - just can't - I mean cannot help it! Tom Hanks does that end part (won't say it, in case you want to rush out to the video store to get it! heehee) so unbelievably well - he gets me every time and I'm balling!

Next, I would have to say Dragonfly. I love this movie so so so much! I cry throughout it, there are several tear-jerker scenes. Kevin Costner did a wonderful job on that movie! I just love it!

The next movie I did something I have never done before or since when I first rented it. I watched it .. and loved it so much, I rewound it and immediately watched it again. Like a little kid with their favorite movie! LOL!! The movie is Practical Magic. I watch this movie over and over again - all three listed so far I do that with. A movie has to be really good for that, you know? A lot of times I will really like a movie and maybe even want to see it a second or third time, but, when you want to watch a movie repeatedly - that is a good movie!

And of course, I will have to list my Christmas movie - It's a Wonderful Life. Who couldn't love Jimmy Stewart? And we all know - well, ok, now you all know, too - I'm obssessed with angels! I cry every single time. My 'cry movies' - I will sometimes try so hard not to cry, especially when I know that my fellow living-room-moviegoers are there with an ulterior motive - watching Momma cry! Hrmph! Sammie gets such a kick out of the fact that I can watch these movies over and over and over and still can't help crying! There is a book she makes me read for the same reason. She once tried to get me to read it to the class, when I was going in for the parent-reading time - no way! The book? I can't remember the title....Mommy, I love you...or something. I'll look it up tomorrow - it was given to me when I had my first child. Very sweet. But I am NOT reading it to the class! The last few pages you can barely make out the words I'm saying for the boohoo'ing!!!!

And I guess for this meme, I'll put Moulin Rouge. I really love this one, but, noone in the family will watch it with me. For Sammie, there are too many adultish parts in it...the risque and the boring. And for the menfolk, ain't a menfolk flick. LOL! So this one I generally watch all by my lonesome. And who's to know if half of the appeal isn't right there! LOL! I do really like this one, though. And it's so hard to pick just five. But there ya go!

Now I need to tag some people. I'm tagging Robyn, Lynn, and Evie


Anonymous said...

Practical Magic!!! I forgot about that one! Good call!

Unknown said...

I know, isn't that such a great one??

And isn't it funny how we forget movies that we totally and completely love?

And then when someone says it, I say, "Oh, I love that one!" and I feel like a total poser because I forgot - like it's 'their' movie!

Or maybe that's just because I'm a total dorkola! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Never saw "Wonderful Life" though tiny pieces of it over the years.

Moulin Rouge I walked out of. Only movie I ever did that too in my life!

Unknown said...

That's funny, JG! How different our taste for it, eh?

I seem to remember doing that once, although I can't for the life of me remember what movie!

Anonymous said...

lol, I finally got mine up! thanks for the tag! Great movie choices there!

Unknown said...

Awesome Eve - glad you played along!!