Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Are they American Idol fakers?

Ok, so the family and I watched the first show - and once again, I find myself asking - are they for real?

Granted, there were a few good ones on there - that girl that could sing like Shakira - oh my gosh! She was so awesome!

However - some of these people who were not good, just absolutely floor me! Can you really not know that you are really awful at singing?

I mean, some of the 'bad' ones were those mediocre-type singers, whom I could see would maybe think they might - possibly - have a snowball's chance in Hades of getting passed on to Hollywood. People who sing around the house, in church choir, and hey, they're not so bad. 'Mediocre singers.'

But I am telling you right now that there is a conspiracy! There has to be! Some of these other people are SO BAD - I simply cannot fathom how they can NOT know it! They just have to know they are bad, they have to!

I'm serious, I think some of these people just go on there to be on TV for a few minutes - to get their 'fifteen minutes of fame'. Honestly!

And every year, Mark and I argue about it - he says these people are completely clueless - they have no idea. They think they might have that snowball's chance in Hades to make it on to Hollywood!! Crazy, I tell you!

What do you think? Is there a conspiracy here? Or what?
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