Thursday, December 07, 2006

Style social networking

This is pretty cool - a niche specific social networking site.

It's called and people just get on there and talk about the trends and styles of the day, in the news, hot with celebs right now, the latest trendy hair style .. whatever .. and they give their opinions on it and you can vote on what they've shared and also leave comments.

Ok, now that shoe is PRETTY! But, I imagine, it would hurt!

And you could talk about that and see what everybody else thought, as well!

They have a great section called 'Deals and Steals' where I found about some really cool Martha Stewart Christmas cards. And they have a style glossary - that is perfect for someone like me, who's a little unschooled in the style department!

They even have a section for tattoos - which, in my book, is cool!

You aren't gonna see that in all the fashion mags on the rack! And that is what I think this site is trying to accomplish - hearing from me and you - the 'regular Jane's' of the world! I like that!

Not that all the regular Jane's look like this:

But she sure is pretty - and we could start up a conversation about that, too!

You can have your discussion private, for only those you invite, or public, for everyone to see.


Homemom3 said...

Oh I love that shoe, course couldn't wear it now.

Lisa said...

I know! It's sooooo pretty!

I think in about, oh - 3 minutes, my feet would be soooo sore!