Thursday, December 07, 2006

Finally started my mailing list....

I know I really need to get it on aweber or something like that, but, for right now I am going to have a Yahoo Groups list.

I have been really working hard on all my online endeavors since February, after blowing things off for a while.

I have, however, been pouring all I make back into the business, and I am, actually, kind of sick of it! LOL!

So - in this one instance, I shall go the free route. I am also afraid to make the commitment to yet another monthly bill at this point. Soon, I will get my good mailing list provider. For now, however - I will go with Yahoo groups.

I am insanely familiar with Yahoo groups, anyway, having spent the better part of six years hanging out in them! ROFLMAO!

Ok, so after all that drivel, about the ins and the outs of it, here is the link to my new group!

Click here to join bookwormbulletin
Click to join bookwormbulletin

Oh yeah! And I forgot to say that if you join, you will receive a FREE Christmas eBook called, Creating a Magical Family Christmas!

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