Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oh my God - it's COLD out there!!

Well, the songstress was at it again! Only this time she sang in the town square before the Christmas parade!

Man, I keep making typos - my fingers are still so cold! The backspace key and I are getting really friendly! LOL!

I am telling you - it got SERIOUSLY cold out there!

She sang around 5:30, I think - just a few songs..and it was sweet and we had fun hanging out in the square and the kids ran around and played tag with a bunch of kids once the singing was through.

But then....the parade took fooooooreeeeeveeeeer (that doesn't look right, but, you know what I mean!) to start! It was due to start at 6:30, I'm not sure what time it actually started - I'm sure the cold slowed the minutes down considerably!

And it sure didn't help that the bank across the street had a clock and temperature sign - and the kids exuberantly announced every single digit drop...."Mom! Now it's 26!" ..... "Mom! Now it's 22!"

It finally started, and it was kind of nice, nothing too thrilling - but, I'm used to our parades back home and the chronic over-doers that enter! Hahaha! (Like my silly husband!)

We finally gave up out of sheer FREEZINGNESS!! with about 10 or so more floats to go - we just couldn't take it any more!

I've got some good shots of my superstar choir chic - but, the camera software won't cooperate...maybe the camera got too cold, too!

I'll try again tomorrow to upload them.

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Anonymous said...

."Mom! Now it's 26!" ..... "Mom! Now it's 22!" LOL!!!!!!! That is funny!