Friday, December 08, 2006

Fun new search engine

Search engine - fun? Yes - it is - and it is called Winzy Search and Win You can win prizes just for searching, and you accumulate points for searching (and playing games and such) that will put you in the running for the monthly prize! They say that the points are similar to raffle tickets - the more you earn, the better your chances of winning!

You can also get points for inviting friends and every time they win something, you win it, too!

You can only win two prizes per month, though. Which seems perfectly reasonable to me - I'll take two prizes per month, for sure! ;) Heck yeah!

You can win all kinds of cool stuff like Xboxes and iPods and even cashola! Every one of those sounds great to me!

You get one point for each search, and there is, of course, a limit to how many you can make (and earn points for, anyway) per day - and the limit is 30.

You can win in three ways on Winzy:
1. You can win instantly from searching
2. You can invite friends and if they sign up and win a prize, you win it, too!
3. Accumulate points with each search, and earn entries into the monthly drawing!

And there are also games that pop up for you to play occasionally, in which you can win points or prizes.

Very cool!

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