Friday, December 08, 2006

An electronic curse has befallen my home

I am so thoroughly disappointed - now I can't get the pictures on my digital camera to unload onto the computer!

Lordy me! (*hijacking my own post* Spell check doesn't like the word Lordy - interesting!)

Anyway - I don't even know if I can list all of the electronic difficulties I've been having lately - but, the main things would be that my hard drive crashed and now I am using hubby's machine, which my complaints about that alone...his machine...would be a whole 'nother post! And then, I couldn't find the software for the printer to get his hard drive and my printer amicably introduced. And seeing how my main business most definitely requires use of the printer ( that was just an unacceptable situation.

Look, I save everything computer related! I, up until quite recently, still had books that went with the computer that was hand-me-downed to me by a good friend of the family whom I shall call M.L. ;) (Get that one, Mom?) She gave me that machine ....oooh, I'd say ...uh, maybe about EIGHT years ago! I finally went through my computer 'stash' with my dad and asked him what I could get rid of, and even he had me keep stuff about which he was unsure.

Well, you know when you get a new machine, with all its accompanying gadgets - and they send you books on this and books on that, and I get so nervous and unsure what I need and don't need. And then my dad would come over and work on my machine, often adding more hardware to it, that - of course, came with more books!

And I am just always so nervous I am going to get rid of the ONE disc, diskette, book, diagram, etc. that we will surely need!

And yet - I had not the software for this bloody printer! And the main company, 'they who must not be named' ... for some odd reason, all day (the day I was drastically trying to get 17 letters out to sweet little children!) their site would NOT pull up! Being misinformed, as I often am, I thought - "Oh no! They've gone out of business! Yes! I think I remember hearing about that on the news!" Silly me - 'they who must not be named' are a very large company, doing quite well, thank you very much. If that's the case, I suppose they could be named, and anyway, if that is the case - the problem of not being able to access their site was probably on my end. Oh well - no sense risking slamming a big shot for some stupidity of my own.

Anyway, that's not, or - they're not - the issue electronic difficulties are!

It took me a while, but, I finally remembered (God bless them and their children!) -- on which I found the appropriate software!

So I dealt with the 'impending-doom' printer issue and sent out all those letters to those precious children!

Now - it seems, the camera software wants to play silly games with me.

I had plans for three different sets of photo shoots for this blog, oh no - actually - four!

I have been meaning to post - forever - my daughter's pierced ears, and my sons' new shiny instruments, including a couple shots of them playing them. And then, of course, I wanted to post shots from last night's choir concert at the town square.

And - at Punkymoms, my avatar has simply left the building....Photobucket is acting weird, I had a shot of my daughter disappear off my other blog, too. This one: The My Very Own Mail Bookworm Broadcast I was able to fix that shot, but, I decided that one of the shots of her from last night would make a perfect replacement avatar at Punkymoms.

And - at Punkymoms - we are doing a take-off of Flat Stanley, and yep, you guessed it - she's called Flat Punky - and she's a cutie! And she has stopped at our house to visit first and my daughter got a great shot of her last night that I wanted to add to the boards....and I'd like to take her to the City Sign which is right around the corner from my house and take a picture.

All of these plans involving my camera - and the software is playing games with me! Lordy! (Yes, spell check, we know you don't like that word!)

I suppose I will have to uninstall and reinstall the software, but, I wonder....

And I am just now, while writing this post, having this thought....

The original owner of this house is said to still be hanging around, although crossing over six years ago.

He has, up to this point, been quite friendly. Like covering up babies who've kicked off their blankets in the night...

But, he wanted someone else to be living here...and I've often wondered if our presence here would comfort him...or distress him...

Could he be trying to tell us something?

Or could this just be an odd string of bad-electronics-luck?

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