Saturday, December 09, 2006

Awesome affiliate program - Pay Per Post!

This is so cool, ya'll! I just signed up to the and I will receive $15 for every person who signs up and makes their first post with them!

That is one cool affiliate program! I have been looking around at some different ones and signed up to LinkShare so that I could get Netflix because I heard that was a good one to get.

And I have been trying to decide which different ones I want to promote, and looking around at different forums where people discuss what is working for them.

So I am actively in the process of this, right? And then, yesterday, I log in to
and along with a new splendidly beautiful and user-friendly dashboard, there is a new affiliate program! I mean, I think they've had one before, maybe all along, but the $15 referral payment is new (Yeehaw!) and the buttons are new for us to put on our sites - I immediately stuck one up - see it there in the righthand sidebar?

That could prove to be very lucrative - if I get enough traffic here with my big mouth! Hahaha!

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