Sunday, December 10, 2006

Coloring my hair yet again....

I am sitting here with the black hair coloring chemicals seeping into my hair and with my luck, oozing into my brain and going after my last remaining brain cells!

Oh no!

LOL! The good thing with the harsh chemicals (what?!) is that I only have to sit here with it soaking in for 30 minutes. I have twice recently colored with KoolAid and when using KoolAid, it is suggested that you leave it on for either half a day or an entire day! Ack!

Who makes KoolAid hair coloring advice? Well, of course, "Mr. KoolAid" himself! Hahaha!

Can you just picture that? Perhaps Mr. KoolAid with his own 'style' TV show! LOL!

Well, no - actually, there are many sites on the internet with advice on coloring with KoolAid - I read quite a few of them, compiled the advice that melded together well, and wallaa!

(How in the hell do you spell 'wallaa'?!) sheesh!

The KoolAid thing didn't work that great, because I really needed to bleach first, which I didn't want to do. The first time, I just let it fall into my previously-bleached spots. And the second time I first used SunIn. However, having not used SunIn since high school - and waaaay overdid it then and turned my poor head orange (EEEKS!) - I was very cautious, which turned into too cautious and so - again - the color only showed in my previously-bleached spots.

Ah well - it was fun, anyway. And I have long wanted to try that...and now that I know exactly how to do it...come summertime - Sammie and I will be hitting the KoolAid again - woooohoooo!

Today - I am going back to black. I used to do that every winter - and then I guess got busy being a mom - and kind of quit doing it so regularly.

And I think I'm going to cut some bangs, too. I just really, really need a change - I'm starting to lose weight (YEA!!!!) and now with a little hair change-up - I'll be feeling even better and the better I feel, the more I activate myself in getting healthier, and the better I feel....

It's that snowball effect of getting better/feeling better.

I got some jeans on the other day that I haven't been able to put on in over two years!


And Puppy and I started walking last week. Groovy! This is the COOLEST hood to walk in - not only is it extremely beautiful in a 70ft. tree/ nature kind of way (not the Highland Park-manicured way...ewww!) but also, I call it Mini-San Fransisco - major hills!!!!

And that is a good work out!!!!! I actually had a cramp in my side the other day! And he was panting like a crazy dog - and he wanted to keep going! Hell no, Puppy - we're done, let's go rest!

Ok, I've got eight minutes left on this color - it's starting to tingle....oh, seven minutes, come on clock!

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