Sunday, December 10, 2006

The afternoon at Granny's

We have family coming in from Hotlanta and we are going to spend the afternoon at Granny's having lunch/dinner and just hanging out with the family.

It could be really boring and quiet, as it sometimes is - or it could be a total blast.

I never really time we had so much fun!!! Not that we've only had fun once over there - but one of the times was really fun!

We rode motorcycles and four-wheelers and hung out in the front pasture until late into the night - and many of the cousins (like, mine and Mark's generation) were there.

We were cuttin up and crackin jokes at each other and it was such a cool night!

We haven't had one quite live up to that night yet, but, they have been sort of fun.

And it is always relaxing and nice to be hanging out with Granny at her house.

Grandma's house is also on the property, and so, of course, Grandma's barn and horses.

The two horses she has now are brand new recquistions - and one of them I have totally fallen in love with! He is a 1200 lb version of Puppy - he is black and white and extremely laid back!

His name is Doc and I really like hanging out with him. It's funny how with some people/animals your spirit's just connect - and you don't even really need to talk - you just silently hang out and it is so wonderful and peaceful and such a strong connection - you know?

The other horse is Bucky and he is a beautiful horse, but, one I am a little more cautious of - he earned his name! They say he never bucks now, but, I am still going to watch my cookies around him - heehee!

Ok, well, I'm going to go walk Puppy before we go.

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Jules said...

That sounds like a great day!